Font Thumbnail

Do you have folders full of fonts? Do you wish you could see what font is hiding inside that .ttf file without having to open it in Font Viewer? Me too. That's why I wrote Font Thumbnail. It's an addon for Windows Explorer that creates thumbnails for fonts, so whenever you're viewing a folder in the Thumbnail view, any fonts in the folder will be displayed as a preview, like this:

The plugin is lightweight, very fast, and a breeze to install.

Font Thumbnail for 32-bit Windows
Font Thumbnail for 64-bit Windows

This application is licensed under the Gnu General Public License, version 3. Source is available. To build the source, you will need Microsoft Visual C++ version 6 (or newer, but if it's newer you'll probably have to do some work to create working solution files.) If you want to build the installer, you will also need WiX. If you do not want to build the installer, you may again have to edit the project file to disable that build step.

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